Monday, April 11, 2011

Best of Ringling

The Crossley Gallery is exhibiting painting, printmaking, sculpture, video, performances, sound, and interactive and interactive work.

2010-2011 Best of Ringling & Senior Thesis Show ScheduleBelow are the schedules for the Best of Ringling Show and the Ringling College Senior Thesis Show.  We invite everyone to come out to visit these exciting shows and support Ringling College and this year's seniors.

2011 BEST OF RINGLING SHOWThe Best of Ringling Show comprises juried works from all majors and all classes.

Friday, April 8:  Awards Ceremony at 5:00 p.m. in Scott Plaza; followed by show opening until 8:00 p.m.

Locations of Exhibitions:
CORE - Diane Roskamp Exhibition Hall
Advertising Design - Academic Center, 3rd Floor Hallway
Computer Animation - Selby Gallery
Digital Film - Goldstein Center Lobby
Fine Arts - Crossley Gallery
Game Art and Design - Selby Gallery
Graphic and Interactive Communication - Academic Center, Basch Gallery
Illustration - Selby Gallery
Interior Design - Selby Gallery
Motion Design - Academic Center, 3rd Floor Hallway
Photography and Digital Imaging - Academic Center, Willis Smith Galleries

The CORE Show will close Thursday, April 21. All other exhibitions will close Friday, April 22.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Casa Negra opens Thursday March 24, 6-9pm

The Crossley Gallery is pleased to announce a Casa Negra, an exhibition of large-scale paintings and sculpture by artists Rocky Carr, Kyle Petreycik, and Christofer Degrér. Due to limit space and time in the gallery, the exhibition will only be open for one night.  

Rocky Carr
“My work consists of oil paintings and prints that investigate the dichotomy between architectural spaces and the sensation of crisis within them.”

Christofer Degrér               
“I use sculpture as a means to discuss varying degrees of separation in semiotic conventions. With doing so, I intend to make the viewer to return to a state of possibility.”

Kyle Petreycik
“I work using a canon of common objects and imagery using elements of photography and sculpture. The objective is to create a false sense of complacency, but also to raise suspicion in the audience.”
 Christofer Degrér 
“The Guest: Facial”

 Christofer Degrér   
“Sticker Scar: The Witch Hunt”

Rocky Carr “Neighborhood Watch: Jouissance and the Father” 2011; 
Monotype Print ;
43” x 56”


 Rocky Carr
“Exploration of the Gaze (House is not a Home): Amy Dorian” 2011; 
Oil on Canvas ;
60” x 54”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Show opening Friday March 18th, "How I Am" by Shane Murphy

The next opening is this Friday on the campus of Ringling College. Shane Murphy will be performing and displaying site specific installations on campus.

Shane says:

My work is a window not only into myself, but also a mirror for the viewer. I sacrifice myself as a surrogate.  I can't change the world. I can't change people. I can't even change one person. What I can do is to nurture within people a to desire to change, and if enough people were to choose to change themselves, it will change the world. I investigate what it means to exist, to live. I pry into the way we react to the human condition. By searching myself and pulling back the curtain on my mind, I alleviate the fear others have of doing the same within themselves.

The Show runs through March 25th

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ideally Ephemeral, opens Friday March 4th

Featuring the work of Therese McPherson and Jeremy Fisher

Ideally Emphemeral is a showing of multimedia experiences by senior fine artists Jeremy Fisher and Therese McPherson.
Jeremy Fisher
On display will be my stop motion short "CROSS." A personal narrative performed by woodland creatures dealing with the nature of existence and the fear of death.  My thesis consists of over 1,000 still frames, detailed miniature sets and puppets.    Characters in my animation explore questions concerning mortality much like my own investigation into my understanding of death.
Therese McPherson
“Make(Someone) Fond Of and Good At Home Life and The Tasks It Involves” is a looped video that shows repetitive mundane activities which develop and transform as the video unravels. I am telling a story with a language that I have been developing during my senior year at RCAD; I am attempting to examine the notion of Gender roles in a domesticated setting. I have created video loops that are intertwined and slowly reveal both my frustration and acceptance of gender roles in the home.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4U Opens Friday Saturday February 19th from 12pm-3pm

Featuring the thesis work of Ginger Waugh, Steven Gonzales, and Trisha Ram 

4u brings traditional and interactive media together
and presents them as a gift to the viewer. The
show reflects an interest in engaging community
and challenging individual's perceptions. The works
each modify an aspect of our social culture.

Steven Gonzales does this through exploring color
and form to create anamorphic illusion in geometric
prints that reflect a style he calls Regenerative
Graffiti. He takes his original piece of graffiti and
modifies it to create new work, making two-dimensional
objects appear to be three-dimensional.

Trisha Ram's aim is to set up nostalgic moments in
someone's day by making and mailing individual
handmade cards and envelopes to her Facebook
friends, bringing the cyber-social network into the
physical world. She includes a blank response card
with a pre-stamped envelope to encourage recipients
to write back to her.

Ginger Waugh creates opportunities for individual
growth. She feels that discovering our personality
types shows us the framework behind the way we
perceive and interact with our surroundings. Awareness
of our own type and that of others helps us to
be more encouraging, patient, and understanding
with one another.

Our desire is that you would leave the show feeling
as though you had been invited to take a walk in our
shoes and that you'll be challenged to see what's
around you in a new way. We also hope you feel as
though you were welcomed into a community of
friends. "

The Crossley Gallery will be open Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm 
February 21-25

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bring Knowledge to These Wonderful Animals

Opening February 4th from 5pm until 8pm

Lauren Alley

With the works I am focusing on in Thesis this year, I am expressing my dissatisfaction with the media spectacle of consumerism that is devouring our reality by renouncing symbolism in art. With this rejection of popular culture I am questioning the importance of the role that art plays in our society and hope to initiate a dialogue within the upcoming ruling class on the subject of personal priorities.

        This concern stemmed from being overwhelmed with incessant advertisements on a daily basis and the desire to make everything marketable in the realm of invention and creation. I am coming to terms with this encroachment upon my intellect through the processes of screen-printing and assemblage, using words and meditative patterning as content.  I hope to reconcile our tedious, industrious culture with the reassurance of stillness and the deep consideration of worth present in disinterested pleasure.

Max Moore 
The only thing that everything has in common is that it is all part of life.

I’m not interested in ordering the disorder or explaining the unexplainable.

I don’t believe that what an artist says about themselves or their work will help others understand what they are doing.

I don’t believe that art is to be understood or that we should demand that it be explained.

An imagination is something that reveals itself spontaneously.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AER-Closing Reception, Jan.14th 2011- Featuring the work of Fine Art Seniors: Alexandra Plemmons, Whitley Floyd & Shellie Hoak

Alexandra Plemmons:
The paintings that i create are interpretations of enviornments that I have experienced while traveling the world.  My work consists of breaking down different types of terrain into color, form, line, perception and space.  I see our world as purely these elements.  Each painting represents a particular landscape that I have experienced.  I layer ink, acrylic, and polyacrylic to create depth in these diverse worlds.

Whitley Floyd:
My imagination pulls me into a culmination of these memories of my past with what I am experiencing presently.  I channel this simultaneous experience of my past and present state into theatrical installations.  My work is an attempt to invite those around me into my extravagant world of bizarre beauty.

Shellie Hoak:
My work revolves around the eco-culture of a Florida native.  I use printmaking to express the natural details of wetlands that may have been overlooked, and discuss issues of their destruction with sculpture.  My respect for Florida wetlands spawns from the nostalgic experiences of my life, and is represented by the craft and aesthetic sensibilities in the work.  With the sales of my artwork, I hope to contribute to wetland restoration projects, help care for my home, and preserve these experiences for others.