Friday, February 4, 2011

Bring Knowledge to These Wonderful Animals

Opening February 4th from 5pm until 8pm

Lauren Alley

With the works I am focusing on in Thesis this year, I am expressing my dissatisfaction with the media spectacle of consumerism that is devouring our reality by renouncing symbolism in art. With this rejection of popular culture I am questioning the importance of the role that art plays in our society and hope to initiate a dialogue within the upcoming ruling class on the subject of personal priorities.

        This concern stemmed from being overwhelmed with incessant advertisements on a daily basis and the desire to make everything marketable in the realm of invention and creation. I am coming to terms with this encroachment upon my intellect through the processes of screen-printing and assemblage, using words and meditative patterning as content.  I hope to reconcile our tedious, industrious culture with the reassurance of stillness and the deep consideration of worth present in disinterested pleasure.

Max Moore 
The only thing that everything has in common is that it is all part of life.

I’m not interested in ordering the disorder or explaining the unexplainable.

I don’t believe that what an artist says about themselves or their work will help others understand what they are doing.

I don’t believe that art is to be understood or that we should demand that it be explained.

An imagination is something that reveals itself spontaneously.

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