Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ideally Ephemeral, opens Friday March 4th

Featuring the work of Therese McPherson and Jeremy Fisher

Ideally Emphemeral is a showing of multimedia experiences by senior fine artists Jeremy Fisher and Therese McPherson.
Jeremy Fisher
On display will be my stop motion short "CROSS." A personal narrative performed by woodland creatures dealing with the nature of existence and the fear of death.  My thesis consists of over 1,000 still frames, detailed miniature sets and puppets.    Characters in my animation explore questions concerning mortality much like my own investigation into my understanding of death.
Therese McPherson
“Make(Someone) Fond Of and Good At Home Life and The Tasks It Involves” is a looped video that shows repetitive mundane activities which develop and transform as the video unravels. I am telling a story with a language that I have been developing during my senior year at RCAD; I am attempting to examine the notion of Gender roles in a domesticated setting. I have created video loops that are intertwined and slowly reveal both my frustration and acceptance of gender roles in the home.

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