Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4U Opens Friday Saturday February 19th from 12pm-3pm

Featuring the thesis work of Ginger Waugh, Steven Gonzales, and Trisha Ram 

4u brings traditional and interactive media together
and presents them as a gift to the viewer. The
show reflects an interest in engaging community
and challenging individual's perceptions. The works
each modify an aspect of our social culture.

Steven Gonzales does this through exploring color
and form to create anamorphic illusion in geometric
prints that reflect a style he calls Regenerative
Graffiti. He takes his original piece of graffiti and
modifies it to create new work, making two-dimensional
objects appear to be three-dimensional.

Trisha Ram's aim is to set up nostalgic moments in
someone's day by making and mailing individual
handmade cards and envelopes to her Facebook
friends, bringing the cyber-social network into the
physical world. She includes a blank response card
with a pre-stamped envelope to encourage recipients
to write back to her.

Ginger Waugh creates opportunities for individual
growth. She feels that discovering our personality
types shows us the framework behind the way we
perceive and interact with our surroundings. Awareness
of our own type and that of others helps us to
be more encouraging, patient, and understanding
with one another.

Our desire is that you would leave the show feeling
as though you had been invited to take a walk in our
shoes and that you'll be challenged to see what's
around you in a new way. We also hope you feel as
though you were welcomed into a community of
friends. "

The Crossley Gallery will be open Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm 
February 21-25

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bring Knowledge to These Wonderful Animals

Opening February 4th from 5pm until 8pm

Lauren Alley

With the works I am focusing on in Thesis this year, I am expressing my dissatisfaction with the media spectacle of consumerism that is devouring our reality by renouncing symbolism in art. With this rejection of popular culture I am questioning the importance of the role that art plays in our society and hope to initiate a dialogue within the upcoming ruling class on the subject of personal priorities.

        This concern stemmed from being overwhelmed with incessant advertisements on a daily basis and the desire to make everything marketable in the realm of invention and creation. I am coming to terms with this encroachment upon my intellect through the processes of screen-printing and assemblage, using words and meditative patterning as content.  I hope to reconcile our tedious, industrious culture with the reassurance of stillness and the deep consideration of worth present in disinterested pleasure.

Max Moore 
The only thing that everything has in common is that it is all part of life.

I’m not interested in ordering the disorder or explaining the unexplainable.

I don’t believe that what an artist says about themselves or their work will help others understand what they are doing.

I don’t believe that art is to be understood or that we should demand that it be explained.

An imagination is something that reveals itself spontaneously.