Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AER-Closing Reception, Jan.14th 2011- Featuring the work of Fine Art Seniors: Alexandra Plemmons, Whitley Floyd & Shellie Hoak

Alexandra Plemmons:
The paintings that i create are interpretations of enviornments that I have experienced while traveling the world.  My work consists of breaking down different types of terrain into color, form, line, perception and space.  I see our world as purely these elements.  Each painting represents a particular landscape that I have experienced.  I layer ink, acrylic, and polyacrylic to create depth in these diverse worlds.

Whitley Floyd:
My imagination pulls me into a culmination of these memories of my past with what I am experiencing presently.  I channel this simultaneous experience of my past and present state into theatrical installations.  My work is an attempt to invite those around me into my extravagant world of bizarre beauty.

Shellie Hoak:
My work revolves around the eco-culture of a Florida native.  I use printmaking to express the natural details of wetlands that may have been overlooked, and discuss issues of their destruction with sculpture.  My respect for Florida wetlands spawns from the nostalgic experiences of my life, and is represented by the craft and aesthetic sensibilities in the work.  With the sales of my artwork, I hope to contribute to wetland restoration projects, help care for my home, and preserve these experiences for others.

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