Thursday, October 28, 2010

"The Second Coming" Opens Friday October 29th

Brittney Hollinger
I create flat social situations that explore some types of personal-to-public memory intervention, using several varieties of two-dimensional mediums. When making these scenes, I intend to establish a dialog between figures of different origin (Mostly Parties) by placing them in the same literal, or conceptual space.
E. Dannielle Slaughter            
Starting from the actual and observed and adding non-existent fantastical elements; I combine them creating a non-archival experience with documented evidence. I like to break down my observations and put them in an order that makes since to me. I am looking to discover the responses of others when I show them a playful spectacle of events and the artifacts and documentation of those events.
The way in which I approach my work often comes from humor and play with the tangible. I started with wanting my work to be indefinable by medium but have begun to realize that I really just want to combine many traditional mediums into one piece; exploring my concepts in a variety of sensory experiences.
Paul Link
Currently my work is about the visceral aspects of painting and how they relate to the world around me and my inability to deal with it in a satisfactory way. My intent is to use aggressive mark making and mostly arbitrary color choices with a literal hands on approach in response to the preponderance of digital media in our culture. I believe digital media can accomplish things that traditional media cannot and vice versa. However, at this moment in time, on the world stage as it exists, for me, it seems work informed by the blatant emotionalism and naive intensity of both German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism can best demonstrate the chronic, territorial self indulgence of the walking nervous breakdown that is both the planet and my life.

Work Featured below: 
"The Party"- Brittney Hollinger 
"Hey Little Girl Do You Want Some Candy?" - Dannielle Slaughter 
Painting - Paul Link 

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