Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sean Pearson Opens His Show at Crossley Gallery: Frontier Farm, Kazakh Motorbike Malfunction (Farm)

Sean Pearson's statement:  

"There is no longer any area of the world that has been left unincorporated and unassimilated by 'late capitalism.' Today, there is no more 'new'; there is no more frontier. There is now a post frontier - a hologram frontier - the idea of the frontier in images that you can access at a local library just outside Helena, Montana. All there is left for social, cultural, and academic navigation is not so much about emptiness, it is about what has already been navigated. It is about re-pioneering and remixing. A theme in my work is imagery such as farms, frontiers, steppes, valleys and plateaus that can manifest a simulated notion of the open range."

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